Nestor Mirror is a triptych mirror equipped with warm and cold LED lights running along the 3 mirror panels, that is a big front mirror with two side mirrors. The LED can be adjusted to intensify the brightness or to balance color temperature.

Our Mirror is higher than standard makeup mirrors: 64cm (25 ¼ inch), providing a broader and more complete view of the model. It is also stronger and lighter: 16,5kg (36.3 lbs) thanks to the aluminum frame.

The diffusion of the light is soft and uniform.

The makeup artist and hairdresser will enjoy the use of a USB charger, a power strip plus a date and time digital screen.

Our story

Nestor is a team of two men working in Facilities in the movie industry: Mathieu and Neil. After working closely with hairdressers and makeup artists for many years, and helping carrying their kits around the globe…they designed the first bi-color led mirror.

After its first launch in 2014, they are proud to present their latest edition of the Nestor Mirror to the International Market.




 More power and more comfort:

This mirror offers a digital screen with Kelvin degrees for color temperature as well as light percentage. In order to balance the light and color to your convenience, we designed two simple dimmers.  You will also enjoy 2 pre-recorded settings, just in case you’re in a rush…

 The LED lights run along the three mirrors, for a soft and uniform light diffusion.

 You can chose between a clock and the date on the digital screen.



Nestor Mirror’s designers have worked in the Movies industry for over a decade, therefore, they know the importance of a light, efficient and practical tool.  

The great strength of this mirror is that it is a three-panel mirror, designed for makeup artists as well as hairdressers!

The mirror is made of aluminum, as it is light, strong and also recyclable. We fully appreciate Hair and Makeup Department requirements; hence this mirror weighs only 16,5kg (36 .3lbs) and is only 9cm (3 ½ inch) width. It comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport.


The riser

There may come a day, or a night, when you will need more height! That’s why we invented THE RISER.  It is extremely simple to use and as light as it is, it is safely and securely attached under the mirror…. just slide it ! The riser will give you a 15 cm (6 inches) top up!




Color temperature dimmer
3200° to 5600°K


Light balance from 0 to 100%


Easy transport with shoulder strap


16,5Kg only / 36.3 lbs


Tall and thin
64 x 9cm / 29 x 3 ½ inches


Made in France



The mirror was born in Paris in our own studio.  We went through 3 different designs before this last edition came to life! Most of our suppliers are based in France too.

Our team of devoted specialists assembles, screws, plugs, cuts and connects all the pieces together.

Nothing is left to chance!



16,5 kg = 36.3 lbs, Open mirror: 76 cm x 64cm x 9cm / 29 x 25 x 3 ½ inches, Closed mirror: 76 cm x 64cm x 115cm/ 29x25x45 inches,
Min temperature: 3200K, Max temperature: 5600K, CRI > 96%, 48 different color settings, 120 W, Mirror surface: 68,94 square cm, Setting up time: 17 seconds, Folding up time: 32 seconds, 4 sockets, 1 USB charger = 1 happy actor,
400+ projects so far & 400+ happy clients



Have a look at the mirror in action!